Special Thanks

Whilst I would like to thank all those who helped make this album a reality, special thanks have to go to a few particularly important people:

Carolyn Weber and Dave Stein from the Kurt Weill Foundation whose guidance and support throughout my years of involvement with the foundation have been immeasurable. You have only enhanced my love for this remarkable music.

My mum, whose encouragement and tenacious harassment to get this project completed was more motivation than anyone can hope for. We got there mum!

My dad, whose love of words made me appreciate how powerful they can be and who has been a remarkable support in crafting the words in this piece.

My wife Jillian who puts up with the craziness that being a tenor entails, always brings me back to sanity and has been a tower of strength during this project.

Kenneth Merrill, whose artistry is as evident on this album as it is in all the work he does. An inspiration and a dear friend.

Barbara Winklestein who, without knowing it, through her love of my performance of Youkali, provided the impetus for this entire project. I only wish she could have seen it become a reality.

James Benjamin Rodgers



James Benjamin Rodgers, tenor
Kenneth Merrill, piano

Recording Production Credits

Producer: James Benjamin Rodgers
Recorded 2013, Sean Swinney Recordings, NYC
Engineer: Sean Swinney
Edited at Sean Swinney Recordings, NYC
Project Support: The Joy In Singing Foundation
Album photo: Yousuf Karsh

Website Production Credits

Site Design and Construction: Rodgers Design
Site Editing Assistance: Patrick John Rodgers, Jillian Zack, Gloria Rodgers
Source Material: Kurt Weill on Broadway - Foster Hirsch
Source Material: The Days Grow Short: The Life and Music of Kurt Weill - Ronald Sanders
Source Material: Kurt Weill an Illustrated Life - Jürgen Schebera
Source Material: Kurt Weill: Composer in a Divided World - Ronald Taylor
Source Material: Speak Low: The Letters of Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya - - Editors Lys Symonette and Kim H. Kowalke
Project Support:
The Kurt Weill Foundation
Provision of Album Artwork: Yousuf Karsh Foundation